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Marilyn Noel
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Summerland Bus Schedule
Summerland Bus Schedule 2023-24

Online Bus Registration


The District provides transportation to and from catchment schools for all students that live outside the district's established walk limits.  Students within walk limits or who are attending a non-catchment school will be placed on bus routes with available space on a first come, first served basis.  In order to ride the school bus, students must be registered.  Registration may take up to two weeks to process.

If you have a change of address throughout the school year, please email [email protected] at your earliest convenience.  Do not re-register your student(s).

Students will be required to have their pass in order to ride the bus.  Replacement costs for lost passes may apply.

School District 67online bus registration system that can be found at https://www.sd67.bc.ca/apps/form/bus-registration-2023-2024  

Your student number is required for registration.  If you do not know your student number, please contact your school.  If you do not have access to online registration, please go to the District Maintenance Office to register in person.